Mr. Jim Akins Science
Welcome to the CMS 8th grade science webpage.  Here you will find a daily agenda of what occurred in class, along with links to notes, worksheets, and other useful information for the day.  If you have questions, use the "CONTACT ME" link.  You must put in a viable email address for me to respond back to you.

Class Agenda

___________________4th Grading Period, Week 3, March 28 - April 1___________________

1 April 2016

  • Turned in the worksheet SPI 5-1 Review.
  • Viewed TED talks: Science and Wonder.  After each speaker, students wrote the 1 thing that stood out to them about the talk.  If you view this again, pay close attention to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th speakers, as these discuss topics we are currently studying.

31 March 2016

30 March 2016

  • Completed questions 11-14, 17-20, and 23-25 on page 34 of the textbook.  Those questions not discussed at the end of class will be tomorrow.
  • Took up, graded, returned, and discussed the WKS Parishan Classification that was assigned on Tuesday.
  • Viewed the following videos: Classification Song and Brief History of Taxonomy

29 March 2016

  • Make-up testing for OnTrac Spring Science Benchmark testing.
  • In-Class read pages 16-20, and 24-28 from the textbook on classification of organisms.
  • Began the class assignment WKS Pamishan Classification.pdf and identified organisms 1-10, homework is to finish identifying organisms 11-20.

28 March 2016

  • OnTrac Spring Science Benchmark testing.


SPRING BREAK March 17 - 25 ... Be safe and have fun

____________________4th Grading Period, Week 2, March 14-16____________________

16 March 2016

  • Test covering mass, weight, and gravity (SPI 12.4-6).

15 March 2016

14 March 2016

  • Returned the Quiz taken on March 10.
  • Continued notes on the Law of Universal Gravitation (Law of Universal Gravitation Notes.pdf).
  • Deadline to turn in corrections to the worksheet from March 8th on Mass and Weight is today.

____________________4th Grading Period, Week 1, March 7-11____________________

11 March 2016

  • Returned the worksheet from March 8th on Mass and Weight.  Any student scoring lower than 21/30 can make corrections of highlighted questions for partial credit.  These corrections are due Monday.
  • Reviewed the quiz questions from March 10th, (Mass Weight Quiz Answer Review.pdf).
  • Began notes on the Law of Universal Gravitation.  I will not post a notes page until Monday afternoon.

10 March 2016

  • TNReady Social Studies today, which means shorter class times.
  • Viewed the Bill Nye the Science Guy video on Gravity.  If you missed it or want to watch it again, it can be found at: Gravity Video.
  • 5 question quiz on weight, mass, and gravity.  Questions will be posted with answers after make-ups have been taken for you to review and study.

9 March 2016

  • TNReady ELA part 2 today, which means shorter class times.
  • Took up the WKS Mass and Weight.  Discussed the importance of completing our homework on time.
  • Here is a copy of the notes on Newton's 3 Laws of Motion for you to review (Newtons Laws of Motion Notes.pdf), remember our focus today was on the 2nd Law of Motion.

8 March 2016

  • TNReady ELA part 1 today, which means shorter class times.
  • Continued our study of mass, weight, and gravity.  Worked on a worksheet which is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday March 9th. (WKS Mass Weight page 1.pdf and WKS Mass Weight page 2.pdf)
  • If you are still having problems with converting the units on page 1, then look at EXAMPLE 1 on the following website to help you: CONVERSION HELP
7 March 2016
  • Today begins the 4th and final grading period.
  • TNReady Math today, which means shorter class times.
  • Starting a new unit studying mass, weight, and gravity.  Notes over the following presentation (Lecture SPI 12 4.pdf).